About Us

Tau Beta Pi was founded in 1885 to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their alma mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in the field of engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges.

The Front Range Alumni Chapter of Tau Beta Pi is a group of Tau Bates of all ages from all over the country that call the Front Range home. Our chapter area ranges from Cheyenne and Laramie down to Denver and Boulder, and everything in between.

Tau Beta Pi members are encouraged to maintain their involvement with the Association through an alumni chapter. Alumni chapters are based on geographical location rather than school affiliation. They do not hold initiations or need to fill out extensive paperwork involved with the operation of a collegiate chapter.

The Front Range Chapter has been around for a while, but recently we are rejuvenating the chapter with new members, new activities, and new goals. Alumni chapters are open to anyone that has already been initiated and is no longer an undergraduate student.

Meetings will generally be held the second Thursday of each month. The meeting time and place will move around to accommodate as many members as possible since we cover a large geographic area. Check the
Calendar for details.

Members can participate in many ways:
  •  Attend social meetings and meet area members
  •  Serve as a Chapter Officer
  •  Attend meetings with guest speakers, or give a guest speech
  •  Attend or organize volunteer / outreach opportunities
  •  Become an Engineering Futures Facilitator
  •  Attend District or National meetings
  •  Present or seek job opportunities
  •  Hold a Regional or National office
  •  Participate in local collegiate chapters:
    • Attend meetings
    • Participate in volunteer / outreach events
    • Participate in K-12 MindSET program


    • Give guest speeches
    • Serve as Advisor
    • Attend initiations
    • Attend Engineering Futures sessions